…in your pants.

"Touched" is the logical follow-up to "Empty Places," is it not? Ew. Don’t be gross. All I mean is that Empty Places was about them all falling apart, and Touched is about them picking themselves up and putting the pieces back together.

The First knows exactly what to say to Faith. It appears to her as the only person that ever loved her and tells her that no one ever will. I mean come on. Talk about inner demons coming out to play. And then Robin is there (almost called him Wood, as I usually do, but the joke just writes itself at that point) and it’s not about love, but connection. Reminding her that she’s not alone in this.

Spike does the same for Buffy. The significance here is that they don’t have sex. Their entire relationship before was based on physical connection. The connection they have in this episode is about love, even if Buffy isn’t able to admit to that. It’s what she needed.

The Post-Mortem:

  • If this was a Friends episode, it would be called “The One with All the Sex.”
  • We’re all on death’s door, repeatedly ringing the doorbell, like maniacal Girl Scouts trying to make quota.”
  • "So Kennedy, back the hell off and let me do my job, alright?" Preach, Faith.
  • I am definitely not a Kennedy fan, but I will admit that a kite string is exactly what Willow needs right now.
  • Felicia Day rocks. You go, Vi.
  • And where exactly are all the Potentials when Anya and Xander are doin’ it on the kitchen floor?
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