Hell’s Bells

………no no no no no no no. Big bomb clock, Xander.

There are so many things. After those visions, I’m totally behind Xander on leaving. He almost definitely killed Anya in that false future. Hurting her by leaving is way way better than murdering her. But the second time he leaves? No. No. He was scared because of his own family, but he forgot to take into account that he and Anya are not his parents. They are their own people with their own issues, but I believe that they could have been happy. And Anya would never cheat on him. So there.

So then we have a beautifully shot final scene with just Anya and D’Hoffryn in front of a black backdrop, which contrasts with her (amazing) dress very nicely. And he offers her the opportunity to become a Vengeance Demon again. He would only do that if he could feel the pain radiating off of her like the heat probably does off of the busted AC in Xander’s motel room. I’d like to have a more lengthy discussion of Anya’s Vengeance Demon self at some point, but for now the point is that she’s back.

The Post-Mortem:

  • I intentionally left the “with a vengeance” joke hanging up there. It seemed to obvious and on the nose. But I guess here it is anyway.
  • There is not a version of Anya’s vow’s that I don’t love. Including the “sex poodle” one.
  • Tara’s on best friend duty full-time in this episode.
  • Clem is really good at mingling.
  • Mini-ter, not Minotaur.
  • Can’t we just turn it off after chapter 34 and pretend it has a happy ending?
  • And finally, will somebody please inform Xander Harris that I am no longer speaking to him?
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