Once More, With Feeling

As a matter of fact, nobody does notice when Dawn goes missing. It’s a valid concern.

Story-wise, this episode is actually super important. It vaults the plot of the season forward by allowing everyone to say exactly what they’re thinking in a way that’s not bad writing. They are forced to be honest with each other and with themselves.

But honestly, that’s not really the big deal here. It’s innovative television. It’s beautifully shot. It’s very very well written. It’s a whole lot of fun with the enough darkness to remind us that we’re still watching Buffy.

Now that everything is out in the open, the game has changed. The rules are different than they were in the previous episodes. The Scoobies must adapt.

The Post-Mortem:

  • Tara’s theories are frequently right. We should listen to Tara’s theories more often.
  • Speaking of Tara, awesome jazz hands to go with Willow’s theory.
  • Tara literally lived her life in shadow pre-Willow. Her room was frequently ill-lit.
  • Buffy doesn’t even look up during the conversation with Xander and Dawn about Willow and Tara.
  • Anya on the fourth wall is pure gold.
  • I’m pretty sure the Standing Reprise exists solely because how amazing do Tony Head and Amber Benson sound singing together?
  • With that said, I do have a history of serious love for duets with overlapping melodies.
  • I don’t normally say things like this, but I really love Anya’s dress on the third day of this episode. It’s a thing I might actually wear.
  • Giles notices that Buffy needs backup…..dancers.
  • Anya is legitimately concerned that Sweet will take Xander as his bride.
  • Where Do We Go From Here is amazing because it manages to hit so many freaking minor chords that really capture the mood and music nerd.
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