The Wish


Favorite character number one, meet favorite character number three.

I love alternate reality episodes. They provide an outlet for my flights of fancy. I realize that they’re inconsequential wheel-spinners that add nothing to the overall plot, but I don’t mind that much. Plus, this one manages to be pretty poignant in the process. That sequence where Giles is talking to Anyanka while Buffy and her friends kill each other in slow motion is intense.

I also notice that although I ranted at length about Cordelia’s side of the whole Xander/Willow thing, I haven’t mentioned Oz. He’s just as affected by all this isn’t he? Well yes and no. As far as being cheated on and betrayed yes. But Oz didn’t give up his entire existence to be with Willow. He still has a handle on who he is as a person. Cordelia’s lost that in a lot of ways. That’s why she’s such an easy target for Anyanka to prey on.

The Post-Mortem:

  • "Your logic does not resemble our Earth logic."
  • Emma Caulfield brings eyebrow acting back to the fore-front. I’m pretty sure she’s second to only Alyson Hannigan in this regard. Perhaps when all is said and done I’ll rank the most active eyebrow actors on this show.
  • Speaking of Alyson Hannigan, how great is she as Vampire Willow? It’s no wonder Doppelgangland exists; how do you just give that up after one episode?
  • At some point in time I should also explain why I refer to certain characters by certain names (i.e. why I refer to Anya in this episode as Anyanka, but I never call soulless Angel Angelus), but that’s a huge explanation that requires more than just an episode recap post. 
  • I should also add that my favorite characters are not ranked, but rather numbered by the order in which they appear.