The Pre-Nup

The four shared looks that say a thousand words.

Thank you, HIMYM, for never pretending in this episode that Marshall and Lily would be the couple to break up. That would be an insult to the audience. It would also take away from what ends up being a very well-done end to the Barney and Quinn relationship.

In the end it came down to the fact that they didn’t trust each other. No matter how much they enjoyed each other’s company, that’s a hard one to get around. More break-ups are coming, but this one is exceptional for how quietly it ended when all was said and done. They just knew. There was no way it could work.

Last Call:

  • Victoria.
  • Ashley Williams.
  • I love how Nick, Quinn, and Victoria all became a part of the group over the summer. They were comfortable enough around all the others to allow for a guys vs. girls storyline with no awkwardness.
  • I really love Barney’s vest at the end of the episode. Great vest.
  • I am totally on the Robin and Robin boat.


No one on this show gets married when they’re supposed to.

Claus’s monologue about a very complicated German word describing a very simple universal idea, set over a montage of the main characters is magnificent. And then, as it ends, we finally get a bit more information about the Mother. We find out where Ted meets her. I really really can’t wait until we get to meet her.

Another thing about that montage that I appreciate is the way that it handled the Barney and Robin situation. Even though they’re currently with other people, it’s already been revealed that it is in fact their wedding. I like the fact that the show doesn’t insult us by trying to create suspense about their feelings. Even in the presence of Nick’s amazing abs.

Last Call:

  • That’s Thomas Lennon, who is not German, as Claus, who is. He’s quite good at it.
  • Marshall and Lily are not going to be the kind of couple who have a zombie and become total babies.
  • Barney wants to ride down the aisle on a grizzly bear. Would that be a ring bear?
  • Ashley Williams.
  • Victoria.
  • "I think common courtesy went out the window when I did."

The Magician’s Code Part 2

Finally, in part 2, we find out why the episode is called the Magician’s Code.

In this episode, Marshall and Lily institute the 8 or Higher Rule. The episode contains two tens. In the first ten, Robin talks Ted into calling Victoria. She agrees to meet up with him at the bar to catch up. She shows up in a wedding dress. Ten. They then decide to run away together, which we know can’t end well, but it’s great while it lasts.

In the other ten, Barney proposes to Quinn while being detained at the airport. Again, we know it doesn’t go according to plan. The title of the episode, The Magician’s Code, refers directly to Barney’s proposal to Quinn, during which he uses a magic trick. But I also think it’s a reference to the episode as a whole. Misdirection is a magician’s second-best friend, right after a drunk audience. Barney proposes to Quinn in this episode, but we’ve seen ahead, and when the camera pulls back at Barney’s wedding, the girl in the wedding dress is none other than Robin.

Last Call:

  • "Victoria was great." "Exactly. And you threw it all away to chase after some hot piece of ass." "You mean you?" "Thank you."
  • PS, my ranking of Ted’s relationships goes 1. The Mother, 2. Victoria, 3. Robin
  • Ted and Victoria’s attempts to small-talk around the fact that she’s wearing a wedding dress
  • Marvin’s about to hear his first love story: “Once upon a time, this creepy magic dude was boning Barney’s mom…”

The Magician’s Code Part 1

"Where Does That Door Go?" is the greatest story of all time.

After a harrowing experience involving two stairs, Marshall made it to New York just in time for the birth of his son. Barney pulled through in the clutch and got him there just in time, with the help of several elderly people. He even had time to get a sign put up in the casino because of something he did.

Ted and Robin spend the episode telling Lily stories as a distraction, but the also spend the entire episode together, something they’ve not done since Robin moved out. Things were weird between them, but that’s been fixed now, thanks to Marvin.

Last Call:

  • Robin just has the sugar cubes and such. Robin is a very strange person.
  • Wait-for-it is the greatest middle name of all time.
  • "That was not cool, Ted." "Contraction!" "That wasn’t cool, Ted?"
  • I have a pair of pants that looks almost exactly like Marshall’s “cursed” pants. They are my favorite pants, and I wear them all the time.

Good Crazy

Happy birthday, Tara.

Ted is still trying to get over Robin, which would be a lot easier if everything didn’t remind him of her. He sees her everywhere, but not really because he’s being a baby and won’t talk to her.

And speaking of babies, Lily sent Marshall off to Atlantic City with Barney, which makes it the absolute worst time possible for her to go into labor. One guess what happens. All hail Beercules.

Last Call:

  • Lily’s a child of divorce, so Ted and Robin can fight all they want as long as the expensive gifts keep coming.
  • I want condolence fives to be a thing.
  • I absolutely love that Quinn says this: “I do not need to be rescued.” She’s not a stripper with a heart of gold and a tragic backstory. She just likes her job and is damn good at it.
  • "Come again for Big Fudge?"
  • "Holy long walk for a short drink of water, Ted."

Now We’re Even

Had to talk to my mom in the middle of that episode.

Guys, I don’t know if you know this, but Barney’s dating a stripper. It’s literally his dream come true. It’s also his worst nightmare, because after all, he’s dating a stripper. Her job is to make men feel like she wants them so that they give her money. And she’s damn good at it from what we’ve seen. I just really really love it when they humanize Barney like this.

Robin’s finally on the upswing. She’s still got some rough times ahead, but who doesn’t? The point is that after her helicopter heroics, the people she works with finally know her name. It’s exactly the win she needed.

Last Call:

  • Vermillion: The color of carnal shame.
  • Marshall’s first hunch about the costar of Lily’s sex dream? Robin.
  • I like that they just went with a photo of Cobie Smulders on Letterman. They saw the opportunity.
  • Things Robin and I have in common: Favorite pastimes include looking at giant pictures of herself.
  • "Nice photo. Your passport must be enormous."

Trilogy Time

I feel like I’m just going to let this picture speak for itself.

It’s well known that if there’s two things that this show is obsessed with, they’re structure and time. Both get played with in this episode, and to quite good effect. It’s really cool to see where Ted and Marshall thought they would be three years in the future every three years.

That’s especially true when they start talking about years we’ve seen. Marshall couldn’t have known that Lily would leave, or that they would get back together. Ted couldn’t (actually probably should have) known that he and Robin wouldn’t last more than a year. The real point is that, even though they had no idea where they were going, everything really did turn out all right.

Last Call:

  • That’s Michael Gladis, AKA Paul Kinsey from Mad Men, as the guy who watches Barney fart every night.
  • Why are they all British in the fake 2006?
  • Cobie Smulders knocks this out of the park almost on line reading alone: “That’s why I’ve never thrown anything out for any relationship ever. Isn’t that right, honey? Oh, that’s right. I’m alone.”
  • Speaking of great line reading, this really shouldn’t be that funny but Josh Radnor makes me laugh with it every time: “No, I like cinnamon.”

The Broath

You just keep telling yourself that they’ll love your stories, Ted.

Quinn and Barney are sort of perfect for each other. If by perfect you mean like a tornado, spectacular to watch, but ultimately a natural disaster. The problem is that they’re both terrible people, and they make each other worse. They do seem to like each other though.

On the opposite end of the spectrum we’ve got Lily and Marshall, who spend the entire episode arguing, yet end up even more adorable than they were when it started. I don’t know how they manage to do that every time.

Last Call:

  • "Baby, you’re like twenty slutty chicks all rolled into one."
  • Quinntervention
  • "Nothing, I just worship chaos."
  • "He said I have ‘moxy’." "So he’s a 1940s gangster?"