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Jul 27

I spent a lot of time with you thinking I was second best, but you know what? I am good.

Day 16: Fave Martha Moment

Oh Martha. Martha Jones. I’m sorry. I’m so sorry; the writers did almost nothing but fail you at every turn. Your short time on the TARDIS should be nothing but favorite moments, like a greatest hits album, but without all of the overrated power ballads. Unfortunately, they were so focused on how you’re Not Rose, they forgot about how truly awesome you are.

For that reason (and some others, which I will cover), my favorite Martha moment is when she chooses to leave. This isn’t a snarky “I didn’t like Martha and I was glad when she left” post. I love Martha. Obviously. But her choice to leave was her absolute finest moment. Walking away from all that she had seen and done took more strength than I thought the writers were willing to admit that she had. In that moment, Martha Jones is no longer Not Rose. She’s her own person, defined by her own choices and living her own life. She steps out of the shadow of all other companions and does the one thing that none other was able to do. She walks away, reminding the Doctor that she’ll still be there if he ever needs a hand.

Alright, now we’re in trouble.

Day 15: Fave Rose Moment

Wow. Okay. I mean, I guess I can boil all of my favorite things about my favorite character into one single moment.

Actually, I can. My favorite Rose moment is when she comes back. The exact moment that she is really back.

Rose got stranded in another dimension. She should have stayed there. She should have been trapped there, locked out of the universe that she originated in. But this is Rose Tyler we’re talking about. She’s the ultimate Hufflepuff. Not even being stuck in a parallel universe can stop her from being there when her friends need her the most.

I missed Rose so badly when she was gone. She was taken with no sense of closure to her character, and though I love both Martha and Donna, I needed Rose back. I needed that closure. And she broke a hole in spacetime to give that to me. And she brought the biggest gun ever along for the ride.

Rose is a badass. And her return is the entire essence of her character concentrated into one single badass moment.

Jul 25

Gentlemen, I have had four hundred years to think about this. I’ve changed my mind.

Day 14: Fave Doctor Moment

Talk about a huge struggle. There’s a lot of Doctor moments, you see. The show is sort of about him. Then there’s the fact that he’s been portrayed by many different people, and they tend to bring out different sides of him. It was impossible to decide which era to even choose from. So, much like I did on pretty much every day of the Buffy challenge, I’ve decided to cheat a bit.

My favorite Doctor(s) moment is when he changes his mind. He’s struggled with his actions ever since the end of the Time War. He tells himself that he did the right thing, but he can’t be sure. He tells himself that it was the only option, but he’s not sure of that either. He then goes on an adventure with himself two times over. And he changes his mind. It’s a beautiful moment.

See, I couldn’t choose, so I decided not to. I chose both Matt Smith and David Tennant. I wanted to chose Christopher Eccleston too, but John Hurt totally works in a pinch. And what better moment than when, with the help of Clara and the big Bad Wolf, the Doctor realizes he can have his cake and eat it too. He can save the universe without becoming a mass murderer. He can be the Doctor.

Jul 24

Good evening. I am a lizard woman from the dawn of time, and this is my wife.

Day 13: Favorite Era visited by The Doctor & Co.

Done. The Victorian era. Boom.

Okay. Explanation, as if that was needed. There are three reasons that the Victorian era is my favorite. They are as follows: Vastra, Jenny, and Strax. Every episode that they are in is better for it. They live in the Victorian era. I don’t think I really need to do the math for you.

Okay, so I’ve really just been looking for excuses to talk about these three. There aren’t really any obvious ones built into the challenge. But I have to talk about them. They’re easily my favorite recurring characters. Vastra and Jenny are both supremely badass, and in case that wasn’t enough, they’re also incredibly adorable. And then there’s Strax, who is never not funny, and definitely the guy you want on your side in a fight.

Anyway, the Victorian era is my favorite. For reasons.

Jul 23

So, do you comfort a lot of people on the night before their wedding?

Day 12: Scene/Moment that makes you giggle

The scene that I’ve chosen is amusing on its own, but it becomes really funny the more you think about it, to the point where it’s freaking hilarious upon any rewatch.

The scene in question is when Amy propositions the Doctor the night before her wedding. The Doctor’s extraordinarily uncomfortable reaction is fantastic. The arm flailing? Classic. Amy’s persistence is great. The pacing of the scene is flawless. So it’s funny the first time.

And then you learn a lot of things. This is what it is on rewatch: Amy and the Doctor have just crawled out of the Byzantium with River Song, who they do not yet know is Amy’s daughter. Also the Doctor’s wife. The Doctor is Amy’s son-in-law. Amy attempts to seduce him on the night before her wedding to Rory. It gets funnier the more you think about it. Just try.

Jul 22

Take it away.

Day 11: Scene/Moment that makes you cry

In the spirit of theme, you should know that I’m watching the Buffy episode entitled “Becoming Pt. 2” as I write this.

Okay so, like many emotionally stunted people, I don’t cry. But if I did, it would happen during the scene in which Donna hears the song that the Ood captives sing. Donna’s emotional moments always sneak up, and they’re always powerful, but this one takes the cake. I don’t really know what words can describe it. In that moment, Donna understands the things. All the things about the Ood. And it completely devastates her because Donna’s got just about the biggest heart possible hidden under all of her bravado and sass. It’s a really really beautiful moment, and it gives me more feels than my emotionally stunted self knows how to handle.

Jul 21

I can’t just be a passenger anymore.

Day 10: Least Favorite Season (or series or whatever)

Season three. That’s right. No long-winded introduction talking about what an impossible decision this was. Weird for me, I know. Okay. Let’s rant.

The end of season two was really really tough. Saying goodbye to Rose, thinking I’d never see her again was an incredibly difficult thing to go through. But the show goes on, so, as a viewer, I knew that I would enjoy other companions, maybe not in the same way that I love Rose, but I would be okay. Now, in the universe of the show, the Doctor doesn’t have the comfort of knowing that everything is going to be okay. That’s where we’re at when we meet Martha Jones.

Martha Jones is an incredibly fantastic character. She’s brave, but not reckless. She’s brilliant and witty and an intellectual match for the Doctor. Martha is level-headed and doesn’t panic in a crisis. She also happens to be a mega badass who still finds time to manage her incredibly difficult family. Martha Jones should be something like the ultimate companion.

And so the writers decided that Martha’s number one defining trait would be that she’s Not Rose. They never let us forget that Martha Jones may be fantastic, but hey, guess what, she’s Not Rose. Were you just appreciating the new dynamic Martha brings to the TARDIS? Well, she’s Not Rose, so…..

It makes sense to an extent on the level of plot and character. Of course the Doctor is broken up about the loss of Rose, and of course he’s going to be thinking about her a lot, and of course that’s going to come through in the way he interacts with Martha. But by constantly pitting Martha against the memory of a much beloved character the writers did her a huge disservice. She never really gets the chance to stand on her own. When we talk about Martha we should be talking about The Girl Who Walked the Earth, not The Girl Who’s Not Rose.

In the end, one of the reasons that Martha stands out as an amazing companion and person in general is that she chose to walk away. Doesn’t someone of that kind impressive mental and emotional fortitude deserve better than the season that she got?

Jul 20

Daleks have no concept of worry.

Day 9: Least Favorite Episode

This should be a difficult decision. But, as it turns out, it’s really not. I choose the two-parter of Daleks in Manhattan and Evolution of the Daleks.

Logic tells us that the Daleks should not be scary. They’re large metallic cones that talk in robot voices and repeat the same word over and over again. And yet, the episode Dalek showed us that they are terrifying. They actually strike fear when they appear in Bad Wolf. These episodes nearly undo all of that.

Nothing that anyone does in these episodes makes any sense. The Daleks’ plan follows no logic that I can understand. Why the hell are they running around in sewers? Since when do Daleks need slaves? Shouldn’t there be more exterminating happening? Why is any of this happening? It comes off as sort of half-thought through, and filmed without any rewrites.

It does have a saving grace though. His name is Andrew Garfield.

We’re all stories in the end.

Day 8: Favorite Series/Season

I’m American, so I’m going to stick with calling them seasons. I’m sorry again. Am I apologizing too much?

Another impossible question, because they all have their serious merits. But I think I’ve chosen to talk about season 5. Very tight storytellng in season 5. They threw in more River Song, and even though the entire mystery of her isn’t solved, it is decided that she can be counted on as an ally.

We get introduced to Matt-Smith-as-the-Doctor, Amy Pond, and Rory (Pond) in this season. That’s basically a reboot. And they pull it off with great aplomb. Season 5 showed that, despite a changing of the guard, the show would continue to be great.

Jul 19

Good men don’t need rules. Today is not the day to find out why I have so many.

Day 7: Favorite Episode

Another impossible question. I considered quite a few, but ultimately decided to choose A Good Man Goes to War.

The episode is an epic. To clarify, I did not say that the episode is epic, I said it is AN epic. As in, like Homer’s Odyssey. It introduces characters, solves mysteries, and unearths yet more mysteries.

We finally learn the truth of River Song’s identity. We find out what’s been going on with Amy. We get a good dose of Vastra, Jenny, and Strax (more on how much I love them later. Seriously. I will rave.). I don’t even know what things to say about it, other than I’ve watched it more times than any of the other episodes.

Again, it’s got Vastra, Jenny, and Strax. It’s got awesome narration on the parts of both Amy Pond and River Song. It’s got Rory doing what he does best, being a supreme badass. And again, it’s a River Song episode. Love a River Song episode.

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